Seniors On Call - VJTI'14 Chapter

Seniors On Call are coming back to where it all started, VJTI!

After the brilliant reception of our programme by the batch of 2013, who, we hope, are all placed at their dream companies, we are coming back to interact with the batch of 2014.

We are going one up from last year's programme this time. We'll be conducting a mock aptitude test along with the other activities. With the inclusion of Aptitude Tests, this will be a fairly comprehensive programme that will prepare you for almost anything that a placement process can throw at you.

Here is what we have have planned for you (tentatively):

  • Aptitude Tests
    Mock Apti + Feedback
  • Resumes
    Interaction session + Review
  • Interviews and Case Studies
    Interaction session + Mock PI + Feedback
  • Group Discussions
    Interaction session + Mock GD + Feedback

  • Please note that this programme is open for students from all branches and NOT just I.T. and Computer Technology.

    People interested in participating in the programme may do so by getting in touch with us or our VJTI coordinators. Please note that we form our team for the programme based on the number of registrations we get from each branch. Facing a mock interview with someone from the same or similar domain will help you get the most out of the programme. (contd. after the form)

    The dates for the programme have not been decided yet. The only thing we know for sure is that they will be over the weeks following your MSTs. We will try to schedule our Interaction sessions, where everyone will need to be present at once, taking into consideraion maximum availability. Slots for the one on one activities (Interviews, Resume Reviews, GDs) will be over the weeks following the interaction sessions.

    For now, concentrate on your Mid Sems. This sem will be your last chance to get your CPI up before you sit for your first interview.

    Best of luck to everyone for your MSTs. Looking forward to meeting you all in college! In the meanwhile, here is a glimpse of what we did at VJTI with the batch of 2013. Enjoy!

    For further details on the VJTI programme, you may contact our coordinators from VJTI:
    Swapnil Surve (+919619115106)
    Sneha Patil (+919820879995)