A student's perspective

Succeeding in aptitude tests and interviews may not always be as effortless or as arduous for that matter, as a lot of fresh graduates conjecture it to be.

Nevertheless, placements are a challenge for every student appearing for on-campus or off-campus recruitment processes. It is a phase when all of us are anxious, face uncertainties and at some point maybe even start doubting our competence. What success here entails is an adept curriculum vitae, a sense of self confidence and a knack of voicing what the interviewer wants to hear but that is easier said than done.

A mock aptitude test, group discussion and personal interview largely help in offsetting these fears. This is the stage where you can afford to make as many mistakes and not repent or pay for them but learn from them.

Seniors On Call had visited BITS, Pilani just before our placement season commenced. They gave us an insight into the generic stages of recruitment along with tips and myths for each successive elimination round and the final selection, followed by combing through our resumes and conducting GDs and PIs while giving each interviewee a comprehensive feedback on his/her performance.

For most of us, this was the first experience of a personal interview and it gave us a direction in terms of what is expected of a student in an interview environment.

What also proved immensely effective was the technique to solve problems that test an aspirant’s quantitative ability, with greater speed while not trading off accuracy.

The fact that the individuals affiliated with ‘Seniors on Call’ were in the same boat not so long ago and have the experience of being on the other side of the table in leading firms gives them enormous credibility.

They are always ready to help and guide the students they are associated with, which is a huge comforting factor during the placement season.

In a nutshell, the interaction with ‘Seniors On Call’ helped me identify my strengths and areas I needed to work on, with respect to what companies look for and align my skewed approach to preparation.

-Viraja Ramanujan

Viraja is a student from BITS Pilani's batch of 2013. She recently bagged a placement in the Derivatives and Currency Operations division at J.P.Morgan. She was also a part of the Placement Unit at BITS Pilani during Seniors On Call's visit to their campus.