A student's perspective

The interactive session that was conducted in our college premises by Seniors On Call was very comprehensive and absolutely appropriate. It helped us understand the various procedures that are involved in placements, be it on or off campus.

Starting from the Interaction Sessions, which included the very basics of résumé making, a topic which is often neglected but one on which major eliminations are done by companies. The very minute details were also covered in a very short interval of time. Frankly speaking, one can never learn how to crack an interview in just one day but can always understand where to concentrate more if only a little time is available. The session focused on that. There were many things that I learned about the GDs that were previously unknown (things like the importance of the initiator, the conclusion, avoiding the topic to go off-track, in situations where a member dominates a discussion, how to come up with your points, etc.)

Coming to the mock-interview, it was a very good experience. I personally enjoyed my interview. It had everything covered right from HR to technical to some tricky puzzles that left me scratching my head. It helped me place myself because in that interview I was not technically prepared but was still able to answer questions using tricks Pranay told us in his session. This did my confidence a lot of good.

Overall, a wonderful experience which could not have been experienced otherwise. We can never be perfectly prepared for a campus process, but we can still right our wrongs if help is received from the right people at the right time, which for me, was Seniors On Call!

-Charu Rausaria

Charu is a student from Mody Institute of Technology and Science's batch of 2014 who attended the SoC programme conducted on their campus in September 2013. She recently bagged dual placements with Accenture and L&T-IT during her campus placements.