Who are we?

Seniors On Call is a venture that has Industry Institute Interaction as its underlying principle. We aspire to be a bridge between industry and institute. Our work is directed towards our aim of providing a platform for both to expand their reach into the other.

Our focus on the institute front is to help students through a tricky phase of their campus life, placements. We strive to slay all demons a student may have in his or her head regarding campus placements. With a team that has seen recruitment from both sides of the table, we are able to accomplish our goal of preparing a candidate to face the various challenges that a campus recruitment process can throw at them.

We realize that not all students are the same. While one student may be academically brilliant, another may be the master of street-smartness or may possess exceptional communication skills. Our programme involves one on one interactions with every student. While doing that, we help them portray what they are best at, rather than following the herd.

Interacting personally with every student helps us understand their strengths and weaknesses better, which eventually helps us guide them better.

The essence of our institute side programme is the feedback that we provide to students after each activity, helping them work smartly towards achieving their goal. The team, being from a similar age group as those of the students, helps them relate to us much better and get their concerns, those which they'd not be comfortable discussing with peers or teachers, allayed.

We are really excited with what we are doing and it is extremely heartening to see institutes from all over the country showing so much enthusiasm, cooperation and support for us.

We are growing by the day and making progress on both the industry as well as institute front. Every association, with either industry or institute, takes us closer to our goal of being a bridge between the two.

Seniors On Call welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of our network, in whatever capacity or role possible. That you have fun doing it, is our responsibility!

-Pranay Karwa
Founder and CEO, Seniors On Call

Pranay is a Computer Engineer from VJTI. He worked with Morgan Stanley from 2009 to 2012 before taking his leap of faith with Seniors On Call. He can be found on Facebook, tweeted to on @pranaykarwa, or can be emailed or IMed on pranaykarwa@seniorsoncall.co.in